Guidelines for how TSSC attempts to place individuals on teams:

1)       # of players on the field plus 1 for each gender


2)      First come first serve basis


3)      Asks the volunteer for team manager  and if no one offers the league appoints a manager




League fees are slightly increased in sports that require ref fees so the ref fees are paid by TSSC and not by team;


4)       Any league created team can have additional players added to before the season, even beyond the +1 league guideline…this will not reduce the league fee per player


5)      TSSC will try to honor individual requests but will make no promises as there are many requests that can be made


6)      If not enough people are left over to create a full team, individuals will be notified and they can attempt to fill spots for the team to be created


7)      Any team signing up as a full team will pay slightly less than an individual because there are costs for organizing the teams


8)      TSSC assumes no liability for participation of team members once a team is formed but will try to provide additional players if there is a consistent problem with team member attendance


9)      On TSSC joined teams, extra players may be added to the team during the season by the acting manager.  League fees will be assessed by TSSC. 


10)  Any player joining late is not entitled to league benefits such as a t-shirt.


11)  Continuation of a team after initial season is up to the team members and not TSSC’s responsibility


12)  Free agent listing is recommended by TSSC for teams seeking players and players seeking teams


13)  Any individual signing up will have a minimum amount of information required to fill data points on Free Agent listing board:  Age, Gender, Competition Level desired, etc.