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Bump, Set, Splat
When: 8/29/2020
Where: 1406 Key Street, Maumee, OH, 43537
What time: 10:00 AM
Ending at: 7:00 PM
Where: Lucas County Fairgrounds
What's going on:

Bump, Set, Splat - Mud Volleyball 2020




Courts 1 thru 9 have the same schedule!!

Court 10 has a slightly different schedule!!




More details being added frequently!!

Date:  Saturday, August 29th
Starts:  Promptly @ 10:00am    -   Gates open at 9:00a for tent set up and Waiver signing
Ends:  we hope to be done by 8:00pm at the latest

Round-robin pool play until approximately 3pm

  • 5 games guaranteed (based on number of teams registering)
  • Seeded tournament play to follow in two skill levels
  • teams not playing will be assigned games to ref (keeping score mainly)

Team cost: $425
  • up to 10 players per team
  • There are up to 8 players on the court for each team at a time  (most teams will have 8 on the court at all times... after all, you are playing in MUD)
  • Event promotional items are included for team members
  • This is a charity event to benefit the Kidney Foundation of Northwest Ohio



  1. Send fee via PayPal - using the link at the bottom of this page  OR
  2. Send fee via Venmo to @ToledoSSC  OR
  3. Mail fee to "Toledo Sport and Social Club" to PO Box 189, Holland, Ohio 43528


ALL TEAMS MUST Fill out the additional form under the link below and email it to to complete your registration or include it with payment to the PO Box. 

(((Registration Form)))  or PDF Version HERE


Welcome Packet - 2019  (2020 to be uploaded soon)

Click to download



BIG CHANGES FOR 2020 Covid Year!!



We expect you to be responsible but now you get the freedom of bringing your favorite beverages to enjoy throughout the day. 

  - By eliminating the beer trailer, we are reducing the "contact" throughout the day, no cash will be needed on site and overall sanitation measures necessary will be easier to manage.  A good chunk of our donation from the event comes from these sales, which explains some of the increased cost of this year's event.  Please remember, the event is for charity and we want to make sure we make a great donation again this year.


2)  Team Capacity:  We are going to plan for our usual crowd size!!  The Fairgounds has graciously permitted us to push the fences out a little further and allow for more space.  Each team will be expected to set up no closer than 6 feet to the adjacent team.  Social Distancing will be encouraged throughout the event.  Luckily, while on the court, you are spaced appropriately most of the time as it is.


3)  Team Check-In:  Since we will no longer need to perform cooler checks and ID checks, we will be opening a 2nd entrance into the event.  This will allow a smooth and fast entry while keeping your distance from the rest of the participants in line waiting to get in.  Wristbands for signing the waiver will still be required for ANYONE entering the fenced area.


Time to get down and dirty!!  Co-Ed Mud Volleyball Tournament!




Sponsored by:  Klumm Brothers Waste Solutions


Max number of teams is 80 for the whole event!!  We COMPLETELY FILLED ALL SPOTS the past few years and expect to fill completely in 2019!

Co-Ed format requiring at least 2 females and 2 males on the court at all times.  Up to 8 players from a team can be on the court at one time.  Most teams will use 8 players because after all, you are playing in MUD!

OFFICIAL Bump,Set,Splat Rules




Proceeds to benefit The Kidney Foundation of Northwest Ohio




Digging for the event is being done by:








  1. Dirty Cat Rescue - Adkins
  2. 20 Bucks is 20 Bucks - Hartford
  3. Balls Deep in Muddy Cheeks - Gustafson
  4. Hot Shots - Moores
  5. G-Wagon - Iler
  6. I'd Hit That - Fleig
  7. Better On Beer - D'Emilio
  8. Aquaholics - Allen
  9. Glass City Lawn and Landscape
  10. Will work for Sets - Eddinger
  11. No Name Yet - Reber
  12. Muddy City - Cortez
  13. Krusty Krew - Kluge
  14. Mavillino Homes - Villhauer
  15. BHOC - Peternel
  16. Advanced Automation - Herman
  17. Bumpin Uglies - Ray/Hart
  18. Kiss my Dirty Ace - Mercer
  19. Country Fresh - Robinson
  20. We Dig 4 Play - White
  21. dat Ace doe - Schoeneberg
  22. RiSpikulous - Vagedes
  23. Bless 'Em - Shepherd
  24. NWO - Schalmo
  25. Mud, Sweat, and Beers - Sundermeier
  26. REBEL SCUM - Hall
  27. GET FUNKY - Gomez
  28. #THE419 - Sanders
  29. Mud Pigs - Cowell
  30. Shake Your Muddy Maker - Kamann
  31. 2 bump chumps - Cavey
  32. VolleyBums - Devault
  33. Mudder Fudders - Cameron
  34. Volley Llamas - Wamer
  35. Mud Flaps - Wonnell
  36. Double Tips - Casdorph
  37. We Always Get It up - Bauer
  38. Dirty Rough Sets - Cortez
  39. Popes & Hoes, Thots & Prayers - Wiczynski
  40. S*M*A*S*H - Ringger
  41. Muddy 'Murrica - Johnson
  42. No Diggity - Robinson (N)
  43. The Diggers - Best
  44. Full Sends - Mussleman
  45. Thongs & Dongs - Zaciewski
  46. Bucked Up Muddogs - Tyson
  47. Big Ballers - Montgomery
  48. Mud Kills Covid??? - Skotynsky
  49. Pitter Patter - Walters
  50. Bunch of Ace Holes - Brennan
  51. Tough Mudders - Welch