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About Us

The Toledo Sport and Social Club seeks to create year-round opportunities for individuals to play a variety of co-ed recreational team sports in a social atmosphere that continues into happy hour and lasts long after the games are over. It's the perfect combination of sports and a social scene that caters to residents in and around the Toledo area. TSSC is open to everyone 21 and older.

Toledo Sport and Social Club, LLC was founded in March 2009 by brothers Jesse and Bret Spier. For years, both brothers have competed in recreational sports leagues in their respective cities of Cleveland, Ohio and Madison, Wisconsin. They finally decided to go into business for themselves and provide Toledo, Ohio a similar Sport and Social experience to what they have already been enjoying. An added benefit to starting this in Toledo is that Jesse’s wife is from the area and the two of them wanted to live close to family as they start their own. Jesse owes a lot to the sport and social club he played with in Cleveland, especially considering it was during a snowy day of Winter football that he met his fiancé on the playing field.


Jesse Spier - Founder of TSSC - Message to TSSC'ers:

     Over the past few years, it has been my pleasure to bring some great games and moments to the Toledo area.  Not knowing exactly what would happen 6 years ago when I founded the business, it has been an incredibly fun ride!  To everyone who has played so far, THANK YOU, to those who have thought about playing, COME ON OUT - IT'S TONS OF FUN, and to those who just happened upon this page, SEE YOU AGAIN SOON!




Steve Hardy - Director of Operations - Message to TSSC'ers:

Meeting all of the great people that I have over the past few years has been amazing; there are so many talented and friendly people in the Northwest Ohio area!  Toledo is a great city and it is a great feeling to be a part of something positive for the city and that people can enjoy.  I hope that TSSC continues to be your choice for FUN in the city; see all of you soon!



TSSC in the news or other Media:

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